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the brazos of waco

The following testimonials are from verified residents and families whose lives have been touched by The Brazos of Waco. Their heartfelt words are a reflection of our commitment to providing residents with a warm and nurturing environment that fosters respect, trust, reassurance and healing.

the brazos of waco

If you or a family member have been, or are currently, a resident at The Brazos of Waco and would like to share an experience you have had with us, please send us your own testimonial.

"I made a phone call the business office and expressed a few concerns, she immediately contacted two people that oversaw those areas to adjust those. I feel very heard. They listened and cared about what I was saying. My mom has had few complaints with people being rough with her. The two head nurses were fabulous. The social worker was extremely compassionate and amazing. The woman at reception has been great. I feel like there is a transitional period between both my parents and the nurses. The facility is very clean. My parents are very unhappy with the meals. Again it's an adjustment. It's a low sodium diet. I tasted the food, and it was pretty bad."

"Oh, they are good! The nursing care is good! The facility is clean. The cleanliness is good! The meals are very good. They guide my husband. He has no complaints. The communication is good also."

"It was very nice and clean. The physical therapists worked her well every day and made her tired. It seemed like they were a very friendly staff and they helped me find her room. From what I saw, the nurses were very good. The room was very clean and the physical therapy room was nice and tidy. My loved one told me how she was doing and I did not ask the staff."

"The rehab therapists worked with my loved one very well. I was very impressed with that. The staff was very friendly. The driver was the sweetest thing and would let me know what is happening. The rehab section was full and that is part of the issue with being short-handed. I was trying to get help. The nursing supervisor who was so helpful."

"It was good. The physical therapists exercised her in the morning. I would like to see this in the evening. Everybody seems like they are doing a good job. The nursing care is really good and they do a good job. The cleanliness is really nice. The dining is fine but she does not like the meals. The communication is really good."

"My loved one seems to be doing fine there. I've been in there and people have helped me. Everyone is friendly. She hasn't said the food is bad. The girls handing out food are great. They're good about the communication."

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